Meet the Dream Team

At Stork Orthodontics, we hire based on the person. Only truly genuine, kind, caring, fun, and passionate people are invited to join our Dream Team: people who LOVE people!

We all love what we do and who we do it for. Our team members go out of their way to make sure each person who walks through our doors – not just the patient – feels like the most important person in the room.

Our team builds relationships with patients and families. They listen, they support and encourage, they educate and motivate, and, at their core, each team member truly cares. They want to make each and every visit easy, convenient, and comfortable, and strive to be the best part of each person’s day!

Administrative Team Members

Our admin team is here to help you with everything related to scheduling, financials, paperwork, and any questions that arise. They’re all warm, friendly, accommodating, and will move mountains to ensure you have the best experience as you change your smile and your life!

Clinic Team Members

Our friendly and well-trained clinical team is here to provide hands-on care throughout your orthodontic treatment. In addition to assisting Dr. Stork with procedures, and providing hands-on care, they offer lots of education and encouragement and are always happy to answer questions!



Scheduling Coordinator

I like interacting with patients and family members. Getting to know people is rewarding, as I assist with scheduling appointments, processing payments, and answering the phones. More rewarding, though, is seeing the amazing smiles grow and how happy people are with the care we provide!

My husband Yale and I have been married for 25 years. We have two grown daughters, Peyton and Gillian. Peyton lives in Kansas City and Gillian is a student at Iowa State University. We have two cats, as well, Minnie and Evanora. In my spare time I enjoy traveling with my family, scrapbooking, walking and running, and watching ISU sports in person or on TV.



Treatment Coordinator

I really enjoy building and maintaining relationships with patients and their families. I greet patients as they arrive, answer the phones, and schedule appointments. I also review treatment plans and financials, accept payments, and follow-up on past due accounts. Meeting people as they’re starting treatment and then seeing their growing excitement as the new smile develops, is fun. I’m almost as excited as they are to see their beautiful finished smile!

Spending time with friends and family is a priority when I’m not at work. I have two wonderful nephews, two incredible nieces, and a cat named Shyla. I also enjoy cooking and cleaning.



Treatment Coordinator

I love making lifelong connections with our patients and their families. I love being able to see them after big family trips and watching each person’s confidence grow as their smile changes. As a treatment coordinator I get to help people achieve the smile they have always wanted, while finding a way to make it affordable on their budget!

My wonderful family takes up much of my time outside of work. My husband of ten years and I have three gorgeous children together: Jasper, Harper, and Maverick. We also have two fur babies, Hercules and Bear. We love spending time outdoors and having movie nights.




Clinical Assistant

I love the personal connections we get to make during the day and seeing the changes each person experiences during treatment. Changing smiles really changes a person’s outlook and how they feel about themselves!

Family keeps me on-the-go outside of work. My husband Dawson and I have four kids: Aubrii, Braydi, Korie, and Daxtyn. We are always busy getting the kids around to their activities, including volleyball, softball, baseball, and wrestling. Our family also includes two dogs, a boxer and a lab mix. We love spending time with friends and family, especially fishing, swimming, and playing darts or cornhole.



Clinical Assistant

I really enjoy working with people and their families. It’s rewarding to get to know people as individuals and watch their confidence grow every time we get to see them!

My two daughters, Ava and Aubrey, keep me busy outside of work. We live in West Des Moines and enjoy playing at the park, going on walks, taking road trips, and spending time with our big family.



Clinical Assistant

I love seeing the transformations we help people experience, whether that’s cosmetic, improving oral health, or the way they feel about themselves. I also love that I have a job that is very hands on. I feel like I make a difference!

Spending time with loved ones keeps me busy outside of work hours. My husband’s name is Tyler, son is Ethan, daughter is Elizabeth, and our dog is Molly. She’s a Weimaraner. I love getting my nails done and cooking and baking projects. I love love love outside summer activities. And I love a good book, hanging out with friends, having game nights, and taking my kids to do fun things.



Clinical Assistant

I love interacting with all of our patients while helping each of them achieve the smile they have always dreamed about. Watching our patients' confidence grow throughout treatment is truly amazing. I also love the fast-paced environment of our office, as it keeps me on my toes and allows me to constantly grow and learn. 

When not at work, me and my husband Tanner love to go boating, travel and host game nights for our friends and family. As much as we love being on the go, we enjoy being at home with our dog, Ember.



Clinical Assistant

I really like interacting with our patients and their families. I also enjoy creating new ways to increase engagement while they are in the office. I work on enhancing the patient experience, organizing and tracking events, and dental office relations. I develop and strengthen patient relationships and establish new patient relationships, too. As a people-person, I love all these interactions almost as much as seeing people love their smiles!

My husband Cody and I married after college and we have two children, Theia and Remi. In my spare time I enjoy going with my kids to the pool and on any kind of water-themed adventure. I like trying out new recipes, too, especially if I can find the ingredients in my garden.



Clinical Assistant

I love making connections and developing relationships with patients. It’s enjoyable to watch each person become happier and more confident as they see the change in their appearance. The happiness at the end of treatment, and those amazing smiles, can’t be beat!

Much of my time off is spent with my boyfriend, Dakota, and my two pets, Lou and Benny. I love to travel, workout, take Lou on walks, and eat delicious food.



Clinical Assistant

I love seeing some of the best transformations in people’s smiles and their whole attitude: from the time they walk in not wanting to smile to having the biggest smile when they leave! I also love how hands on we are during our job. It is fascinating that we are able to do that!

My favorite times, when not working, are spent outside and playing sports. I also love being with my mother, sister Marissa and brother Aaron, and my pet, Cooper.



Clinical Assistant

I love working hands on and all the wonderful interactions with people. It’s amazing to see each person becoming happier and more outgoing as they see their new smile appear!

Away from the office I love going to new restaurants and breweries with Mariah. We also love going on bike rides and nice long walks in downtown Des Moines. I enjoy spending time with my parents and siblings, and watching my niece and nephew grow up.



Clinical Assistant

I like getting to know people during treatment and watching each person change as their teeth straighten. Removals are the most amazing: it’s so exciting to see people’s reaction when they see their new smile for the first time!

Many of my weekends involve going to the dirt track races. I also like relaxing and enjoying time with my two dogs, Blue and Indy.



Marketing Director

I love watching our patients' confidence grow throughout treatment and how our patients become our friends. I equally appreciate working with an amazing team and doctor who give their all to our patients, their families, and all the new smiles! That makes it easy to handle our marketing and outreach: I know the quality of care we provide and the incredible smiles we deliver!

In addition to being a leader and friend to our team at Stork Orthodontics, I am a supportive wife and mother of three beautiful children. I like spending time with my family and friends, traveling, cooking, and baking. I also love being active, whether I’m swimming or enjoying walks and bike rides with my husband and our children.